The green energy operator

VALOREM is a vertically-integrated green energy operator, offering a range of renewable energy solutions while guiding and supporting local authorities and its partners at every stage of a project: surveys, development, financing, construction, operational oversight and maintenance.  
Today, VALOREM has a strong presence internationally, operating in South America and the Caribbean, Northern and Eastern Europe, as well as in North Africa. As such, we can leverage the expertise of local affiliates in financing and developing renewable energy projects, while contributing towards achieving global CO2 emissions targets.
  • 800 MW

    of wind power capacity installed

  • 200 MWc

    of PV capacity installed

  • 600 MW

    in operation

  • 800 MW


  • 215 MW

    owned by VALOREM

VALOREM, green energy operator, refinances and reorganizes its historical renewables portfolio 12 wind farms, 145 MW, 180€ million

VALOREM group is proud to announce the success of VASCO, an operation of legal and financial re-organization of its historical green energy projects through the roll-over of its €180 million SENIOR debt. One year after 3i Infrastructure entered its capital, VALOREM continues its consolidation and keeps undertaking new ventures in green energies with its power […]

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VALOREM in a major transaction of EUR 74 Million

Press Release, Bordeaux, 07/19/2016   VALOREM, a pioneering company in renewable energies in France, has signed an agreement with its newest investors for a total amount of EUR 74 Million on Wednesday 13 July.   The VALOREM Group (EUR 40 Million sales revenue in 2015 including all its subsidiaries), is proud to present its newest […]

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VALOREM has won the “CRE 3” tender with four of their PV projects

Bordeaux, 23th December 2016 VALOREM has won the “CRE 3” tender issued by the French Ministry of the Environment with four of their photovoltaic projects which amount to 47,2 MWc. All of them are located in the South-West part of France, near VALOREM head office, and three of them are located in the Medoc Territory. Just […]

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