Published on 8 February 2022

VALOREM, an independent green energy operator, is pleased to announce it has raised an innovative fully merchant debt financing from the investment manager AIP Management, on behalf of AIP Infrastructure II, on February 7th, 2022 to fund the construction of its Matkussaari wind farm. Matkussaari will be built for an installed capacity of 148.5 MW […]

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VALOREM sells the Kalistanneva wind farm (Finland) to HELEN and ALANDSBANKEN

Published on 4 February 2022

The 100% Finnish consortium formed by HELEN Oy, energy company owned by the city of Helsinki, and and the Bank of Åland Wind Power Fund Non-UCITS, an open-ended alternative investment fund investing in wind power, has acquired from VALOREM, an independent green energy operator, Kalistanneva wind farm with a total installed capacity of 165 MW. […]

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VALOREM’s management board is evolving

Published on 2 February 2021

After almost 4 years of collaboration, VALOREM and its CEO, Frédéric Lanoë, decided to end their collaboration and pursue their involvement towards Energy Transition, separately. During his assignment, Frédéric contributed to the transformation of VALOREM into an international Independent Power Producer. The turnover of the company grew from 56M€ to 90M€ while the EBITDA doubled. […]

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Published on 2 October 2020

At the beginning of August VALOREM finalised the closings of the FHA and ELCANO refinancing transactions. The work was carried out over several months alongside multiple external partners (consulting and auditing firms, financial partners, etc.) for a total refinanced amount of 360 million euros. Two pieces of exciting news that contribute to achieving the objectives […]

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Published on 6 August 2020

On 27 July, RAE, the Greek energy regulator, announced the results of the call for tenders aiming to increase the country’s production capacity of wind power. VALOREM is delighted with the selection of its 28 MW Magoula project in northern Greece and is strengthening its presence in the country. As part of the existing support […]

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VALOREM confirms its international expansion with the approval of a wind power project of almost 300 MW in Finland

Published on 6 July 2020

VALOREM has developed a project with its Finnish partner, Megatuuli, with a capacity of around 300 MW, and estimated annual production of approximately 1 TWh. At the end of June, the Supreme Court of Finland announced the lifting of the last administrative appeal, therefore clearing the way for the final stages of financing construction. Based […]

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2019 results: 36% more capacity VALOREM confirms its growth and expands internationally

Published on 15 June 2020

VALOREM, an independent operator and pioneer in renewable energies, announces its results for 2019, the year that marked the company’s 25th anniversary. With turnover of €89 million, compared with €61 million in 2018, the French mid-cap is pursuing its growth with the objective of playing a part in bringing the renewable energies in French electricity […]

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VALOREM and ING Bank have reached financial close for the construction of two solar parks in the south-west with a capacity of 34MWp

Published on 14 February 2020

VALOREM and ING Bank, closed on February 10th the senior debt financing for the two PV solar parks of Mézos and Pinvert. These two parks with a capacity of 34MWp will be the largest ever built by VALOREM in France and form part of a larger cluster of 80MWp being developed by VALOREM. They were […]

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VALOREM acquires a portfolio of 82 MW wind in Greece

Published on 9 January 2020

VALOREM signed a deal to acquire a portfolio of 82 MW wind projects under various stage of developments in Greece with aim to finance, build and operate them in a short term period. VALOREM set up an office at Athens in Greece and is also very active to develop PV with the target to be […]

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VALOREM signs large wind deal in Finland with Octopus Energy Investments

Published on 2 May 2019

VALOREM and Octopus Energy Investments (OEI) have entered into a joint venture for the construction and operation of 71.4MW of wind capacity in Finland. The deal covers two wind farms in the south-west of Finland called Saunamaa and Suolakangas. VALOREM developed these wind farms together with local partner Megatuuli. The project represents a first Nordic […]

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