6 August 2020

On 27 July, RAE, the Greek energy regulator, announced the results of the call for tenders aiming to increase the country’s production capacity of wind power. VALOREM is delighted with the selection of its 28 MW Magoula project in northern Greece and is strengthening its presence in the country.

As part of the existing support for renewable energy in Greece since 2018, RAE awarded 471.8 MW of wind turbines at auction, thus selecting 25 winning projects, with an average price of 55.67 €/MWh. Located in the north of the country at an elevation of 1700 m, the 28 MW Magoula project by VALOREM will be brought into operation in 2022.

In a statement, Frédéric LANOË, VALOREM’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are very proud to have been chosen by the Greek authorities and to be recognised as offering competitive wind energy. VALOREM hopes to actively participate in the development of renewable energies in Greece, and thereby support the country’s desire to move towards a low-carbon energy mix that will allow it to gain energy independence and reduce the cost of its electricity production. This favourable environment, as well as the strong links between the French and Greek cultures, has led us to think about our activities in Greece in the long term.”

Aris ARAVIDIS, Country Manager in Greece for VALOREM, added that “Greece has abundant resources of wind and sun. This renewable energy potential, combined with a stated goal to achieve the European climate objectives set within the framework of the Green New Deal, will enable Greece to position itself at the forefront of the European pioneer countries in green energies. VALOREM is delighted to be a part of this goal.”

VALOREM has been in Greece since 2019 with the opening of its REN VALOREM HELLAS branch in Athens. At the beginning of 2020 the group gained a portfolio of 82 MW of wind power and is developing 150mW of solar energy projects in cooperation with local partners, a portfolio which is expected to grow to 400 MW by the end of the year.

As a French and independent operator in green energies, the VALOREM group has mastered the entire process of valuing renewable energies, from development to operation-maintenance, including assistance services and project management, or even construction and audit. A pioneer in wind power in France and with more than 260 employees, VALOREM has stations in the French Antilles, Colombia, Finland and Greece.
VALOREM is certified: ISO 9001 – quality, ISO 14001 – environment, and ISO 45001 – health and safety at work.
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