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Since 2010, we have been studying the most suitable solutions to enable citizens to take part in the financing of our renewable energy production projects.

With a first operation launched in 2012, in partnership with Crédit Coopératif, for the refinancing of part of the equity of the Arfons-Sor wind farm, in the Tarn.

The success of this first operation encouraged our determination to generalize this way of sharing the wealth generated in the territories, to the benefit of local populations.

14 FP campaigns have been conducted to date, all successfully, involving more than 1,800 people across France for a raised amount of more than € 3,500,000

New operations are constantly planned. Throughout France, they can concern as well wind, PV or hydroelectric projects.

VALOREM works with the main crowdfunding platforms, all recognized and having successfully raised several participative fundraising from individuals.

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