Who are we?

Founded in 1994 and now employing 180 people, VALOREM remains very much a people-oriented SME.

Our divisional structure includes a number of subsidiaries, each focusing on core activity areas (VALREA, VALEMO, VALEOL, OPTAREL), as well as affiliated operators and production facilities both locally and internationally.

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His passion for the defense of the environment dates back to his childhood : “the 1973 oil crisis was shocking for me. When I saw my dad buying petrol Gerry cans from the American army surplus, I wondered why we had to depend so much on a resource that came from the other end of the wolrd.”This event built up his pioneering mind : he was convinced that energetic resources should not come to him and that he should explore new ones.
After working as an aerospace engineer, he created Valorem in 1994. He was so involved in his field that he managed to call out to the authorities to set up a statutory framework to promote the development of wind energy. In 1996, he was co-founder of France Energie Eolienne, the French association of wind energy professionals. His research consultant department has now become a green energy producing company which specializes in the development of renewable energies.

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Our Story

VALOREM : From a research consultant to a green energy producer

1994 : Jean-Yves GRANDIDIER created VALOREM as a research consultant in renewable energies.

1996 : First wind park feasibility studies. Jean-Yves GRANDIDER is co-founder of France Energie Eolienne

2001 : Valorem developed its expertise in wind park projects and opens an office in Carcassonne.

2004/2005 : 70 MW of building permits were granted.

2006 : Commissioning of wind parks in Dio et Valquières, Monts Bergerons and Chicheboville.

2007 : Creation of VALREA the construction subsidiary of VALOREM.
New equity partners, FCPR Capenergie (CREDIT AGRICOLE group), Avenir Entreprise and Grand Sud Ouest Capital signed up for 6,5 million euros.
We started to develop our expertise in methanization, water and solar power.
Beginning of the construction of the first wind park fully owned by Valorem. 3 wind park projects were developed in Romania (90 MW).

2008 : VALOREM became a green energy producer. VALOREM’s equity partners including FCPR Capenergie, Avenir Entreprise (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations+OSEO+Natixis) and Grand Ouest Capital signed up again for 16 million euros. Beginning of the construction of 58 MW wind parks fully owned by VALOREM.

2010 : Arrival of the 100th employee in Valorem.
VALOREM inaugurated 10 fully owned wind farms.

2011 : Creation of VALEMO, VALOREM subsidary for O&M and supervision of green energy plants.

2012 : Development of crowdfounding solutions for green energy projects.

VALOREM started to export its expertise in East Europe and Africa.

2014 : VALOREM celebrated it 20th birthday and obtained the AFNOR certifications  ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 for the following activities: PROSPECTION, STUDIES, DEVELOPMENT, PURCHASE, FOUNDING, CONSTRUCTION, SALES AND OPERATION OF PROJECTS AND RENEWABLE ENERGY PLANTS.

2015 : Thanks to a partnership with Lendosphere, VALOREM raised almost EUR 2 million in crowlending campaigns to finance its green energy projects.

2016 : VALOREM entered into an agreement with the leading British investor 3i Infrastructure plc and French local investors, for a total investment amount of EUR 74 million.

2020 : VALOREM produced its first Terawattheure in the year

2021 : VALOREM creates MonparcValorem.com in partnership with Lendosphère a website dedicated to crownlending operation.


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