VALOREM winner of the first wind energy tender in France

26 March 2018

March 2, 2018

The Minister of Ecological and Sustainable Transition announced on Wednesday, February 28th the results of the first call for tenders for onshore wind. Proud to offer competitive wind energy, VALOREM welcomes the selection of its Ablaincourt project in the Somme.

As part of the new procedure launched in May 2017, this tender launched by the French Energy Regulator (CRE), concerns projects with a minimum of 7 wind turbines or including machines with nominal power greater than 3 MW.

On Wednesday, February 28th, the Minister of Ecological and Sustainable Transition published the results of the first tranches : 22 winning projects totalling more than 500 MW. The weighted average price achieved by the winners is 65.4 € / MWh, a lower price compared to the contract for difference.

Jean-Yves Grandidier, CEO of VALOREM, is delighted: “Just like solar photovoltaic, these prices position wind power as a competitive means to compensate for the planned shutdown of French nuclear power plants. The future Multiannual Energy Program (EPP) must set ambitious targets for the wind energy sector. As a local and not relocatable source of energy, it is the driving force behind the energy transition while actively participating in the sustainable development of the territories. It is important to maintain, alongside the tenders, the remuneration system with a contract for difference for fleets of less than 7 wind turbines. Indeed, the visibility it brings is essential for the development of projects to continue. However, the pipe of projects is still insufficient if we consider the power still necessary to achieve our national objectives”

Once built, the Ablaincourt project of 10 turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW each, will produce 113.2 GWh of green electricity each year which is equivalent to the consumption of more than 40 400 households (excluding heating and electric hot water). If this amount of electricity was produced by fossil fuel plants such as gas, it would emit more than 52,600 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Labelled “Crowdlending for green growth” at the end of last year, the Ablaincourt wind project mobilized 248 citizens who have invested nearly 300 000 € through a crowdlending campaign on the platform VALOREM will soon renew this type of approach with inhabitants on the territory.



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About the VALOREM group

As a French and independent operator in green energy, the VALOREM group controls the entire process of developing renewable energy projects, from development to operation and maintenance, including assistance with project management, construction and auditing. A pioneer of wind energy in France with around 200 employees, VALOREM is also active in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Since 2014, Valorem has been certified ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 and since 2017 OHSAS: 18001.