VALOREM offers turnkey completion of renewable energy parks.

We give our clients the support they need to complete their project, offering an all-inclusive service that harnesses and mobilizes our knowledge and expertise.

Wind farm construction takes around 6 to 8 months, during which time the reality on the ground can sometimes uncover issues not identified in the preliminary surveys, however thorough or specialized these may have been.

Through these kinds of situations, and drawing on our extensive experience, we at VALOREM have developed the capacity to offer the most appropriate solutions and overcome even the most complex challenges.



With our experience and resources, VALOREM supports you at every stage of construction of your renewable energy park, responsive to your needs, from design to commissioning, from civil engineering to electrical engineering, from grid connection to geotechnical surveys.

We guarantee:

  • Optimized construction costs
  • Compliance with budget and timeframes
  • Continuous information relay to project partners and the local population

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