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A vibrant, growing company

Staff well-being and development is a top priority for the Group. Our workforce has grown rapidly over the past few years – a major challenge that sets the course for our human resources policy, with a focus on managerial practices, teambuilding, and a shared culture.

Each of our employees has several annual appraisals with their manager to discuss their progress and their professional development needs, including a specific meeting dedicated to ensuring a positive work-life balance.

VALOREM is proactively committed to training future professionals in all areas of the renewable energy sector, whether technical or cross-functional.

Employee benefits

Our management team and employee representatives have entered into several collective agreements to help improve our employees’ quality of life.

In 2019, VALOREM set up an employee shareholding company which 49% of our workforce have entered into, promoting a strong sense of ownership and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same objectives. The same goes for our profit-sharing agreement which is aligned with CSR criteria.

In 2021, we formed a working group to establish an advantageous new employee shareholding plan, with a view to our workforce holding 3% of the company’s capital.

Monitoring and improving employee satisfaction

Since 2010, consultancy firm OBEA/inergie has conducted an annual employee survey on behalf of VALOREM to canvass employees’ opinions and experiences.

The results are then presented to the entire workforce in seminars and then published in our external communications.

In the 2021 survey, employees were asked about the COVID-19 crisis: 99% felt that the company adjusted well to the situation, and 89% felt well supported by the company throughout the pandemic.

Meet Raphael BOINNE, Electrical Engineering Department Manager

2 appraisals per year/per employee
1 training pathway for every new employee
1.24% of employee stock ownership
In 2021, we set up a time-saving account
3.55% of payroll dedicated to training (up 28% compared to 2020)
89/100 professional equality index score
5 days of additional paternity leave
30 crèche places reserved for employees’ children in 2021

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