International presence

Countries where VALOREM has a presence

For over a decade, VALOREM has been developing its presence outside France and mainly in Europe to expedite the energy transition, secure the supply of green electricity at an affordable price and achieve energy self-sufficiency. The Group is active in Finland, Greece and Poland. It draws on the expertise of local teams to develop and finance renewable energy projects while helping achieve the global CO2 emissions targets. In 2022, financing was secured for the Matkussaari wind farm (148 MW) in Finland and the Magoula wind farm (27 MW) in Greece, and new offices in Poland were opened, putting VALOREM on the road to becoming a leading European Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Our international subsidiaries


VALOREM Energies Finland Oy and its local teams have been based in Helsinki since 2020. The growth of VALOREM in Finland is reflected by its portfolio of 1.5 GW development projects undertaken in conjunction with our local partners. The VIIATTI project was implemented in 2022 for two wind farms, Kalistanneva (sold to the Finnish consortium foirmed by Helen and Alandsbanken) and Matkusaari, totalling 313.5 MW, which will generate 1 TWh, or around 1.2% of Finland’s annual electricity consumption. VIIATTI is one of the 5 largest wind farms currently under construction in Finland.

VALOREM Energies Finland Oy
Kaisaniemenkatu 1 C
5th Floor
00100 Helsinki
+358 (0)40 8681075

Country Director

Minna Jukola


Meet Minna JUKOLA, Country Manager Finland



REN VALOREM Hellas and its local teams have been based in Athens since 2019. It is developing a combined portfolio of renewable photovoltaic and wind energy projects, of approximately 700MW, to be co-built in close collaboration with its partners and local communities. At the end of 2022, VALOREM secured financing for the Magoula wind farm (27 MW) in a mountainous region in northern Greece. Construction has just begun with commissioning scheduled for the start of 2024.

Konstantinou Smolensky 23
PC 11473
+30 210 38 44 400

Country Director

Thomas Stavrou



VALOREM Energies Poland and its local teams have been based in Warsaw since 2022. VALOREM has established itself in Poland with the ambition to expedite the energy transition of this country which has such great renewable energy potential. The company aims to build on long-term local partnerships to develop, build, finance and operate renewable energy projects.

VALOREM Energies Poland Sp. z o.o.
Marszałkowska 126/134 00-008 Warsaw Tel : +48 690 183 005

Country Director

Katarzyna Napora