Solar energy

VALOREM has been developing and operating land-based solar farms for nearly 10 years. We encourage the development of photovoltaic farms in non-agricultural areas, where land use can be supplemented by growing crops or raising livestock.

Projects that create value for the host localities

Development of a solar project must also be an opportunity for local economic and social development. Since 2017, each of our solar projects has established partnership agreements with network facilitators Alliance Ville-Emploi  Departments, PLIE [Local Plan for Integration and Employment], Association, Employment Agencies, etc.) to identify potentially interested workers located as close as possible to the construction site. The companies working on the sites must sign a binding commitment to adhere to the inclusion clauses, as required by VALOREM. The purpose of this contract performance condition is to set aside a percentage of the total hours of work for the unemployed: recipients of inclusion income support and minimum social benefits, long-term job seekers, those who are under 26 years of age or classified as workers with disabilities.

131 MWc of solar projects worldwide that are financed by VALOREM
3 GWc of VALOREM solar projects being developed worldwide by VALOREM
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Lumière sur BRACH solar farm

VALOREM and its subsidiary VALREA, experts in the construction of RE parks, have pledged that their subcontractors will set aside a quota of working hours for people who are not in employment.

“Thanks to the companies that took part, the inclusion clauses introduced by the Department were a success and can serve as an example not only to other companies, but also to all the departments.”

Denise Greslard-Nedelec Vice-President of the Departmental Council in charge of inclusion
Gironde department Commissioned in 2016
11.6 MWc
14 MWh of electricity per year

Multi-energy skills

VALOREM develops multi-energy projects.