Pioneers at heart

Nearly 30 years of history

Power to act

VALOREM is a long-standing player in renewable energy in France. Founded in 1994 through a European programme, VALOREM started as a technical design office before embarking on the development of third-party projects. After that it set up in business on its own, ultimately dedicating itself wholly to the construction and operation-maintenance of productive assets in the field of renewable energy. Nowadays, VALOREM remains an independent, vertically integrated company with a pan-European presence and an active involvement in the wind, solar, hydroelectric and marine energy sectors.


Pioneer of RE in France

1994: Jean-Yves GRANDIDIER founded VALOREM, a renewable energy design office.

1996: Jean-Yves GRANDIDIER co-founded France Wind Energy.

2002: OPTAREL was established as a subsidiary specialising in the optimisation and improvement of electrical networks.

2007: VALREA was established as a subsidiary for the project management of wind farms. VALOREM expanded its expertise in methanation, wave energy and solar panels. A EUR 6.5 million equity stake was offered to FCPR Capenergie (Crédit Agricole Group), Avenir Entreprise (Deposit and Consignment Office + OSEO + NATIXIS) and Grand Sud Ouest Capital.

2008: VALOREM became a green energy producer, raising a further EUR 16 million from FCPR Capenergie, Avenir Entreprise, Grand Sud Ouest Capital, Aquitaine Expansion and its founding shareholders.

2010: Arrival of VALOREM’S 100th employee and inauguration of 10 wind farms wholly owned by VALOREM.

2011: VALEMO was established as VALOREM’s subsidiary specialising in the management, monitoring and maintenance of renewable energy parks.

2012: VALOREM launched the first citizen crowdfunding operation with Crédit Coopératif for a RE park in France.

2016: VALOREM launched its VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS brand dedicated to EMR and offshore activities. VALOREM completed a EUR 75 million strategic financial transaction and welcomed British investor, 3i Infrastructure, as the main minority shareholder.

2018: Pierre GIRARD retired as chairman of the Supervisory Board and Watt for Change.

2020: The company produced its first terawatt hour during the year and employed its 300th employee!

2021: In partnership with Lendosphère,, VALOREM launched its web portal dedicated to crowdfunding operations.

2022: Construction of the 300 MW VIIATTI park in Finland began. Bertrand GUIDEZ and Philippe TAVERNIER joined Jean-Yves GRANDIDIER, Marc ROUBEROL and Philippe ETUR on the Executive Committee as Deputy Managing Director.

A word from the President

“My principles on green energy go back to my adolescence!”

In 1994 when I founded Valorem, I had to be a little bit crazy! Talking about wind or renewable energy at the time was very edgy! But my belief and commitment to green energy data back to my adolescence: the 1973 oil crisis was shocking. Seeing my father forced to buy petrol jerricans in American surplus stores, I wondered why we were so dependent on a resource that comes from the other side of the world! Each country has a specific pool of renewable energy, be it wind, solar, kindling wood, biogas, marine energy. It is now up to each and every one of us to develop our country’s resources in order to contribute to a much needed and environmentally friendly energy transition for future generations.
Jean-Yves GRANDIDIER Founder and President of VALOREM