Ensuring that operations are conducted responsibly


From the design office to construction and maintenance operations, VALOREM is an integrated, renewable multi-energy company with a constantly growing population. In order to put its environmental, social and societal commitments into action, today the Group is committed to incorporating this vision into all of its professional practices. Ethical business and process management requires containing and reducing the plants’ footprints on the environment. This is done by implementing a genuine Responsible Purchasing policy that takes into account the reality of suppliers’ activity as well as investment in technical innovation in order to prepare a green energy future that is accessible to all. Finally, VALOREM remains strongly committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees and to their work-life balance. The Group takes an attentive, meaningful management approach to encourage everyone to share a common mission and culture.


Renewable energies should not be developed at the expense of local biodiversity. During the construction phase, the environment department implements an environmental management system to monitor and carefully manage the reduction of this phase’s impact on the local environment. VALOREM characteristically puts environmental issues at the heart of its activity and immediately goes above and beyond complying with regulatory recommendations.

Exemples of environmental measures during the construction phase :


  • Differentiated waste management
  • Product storage in holding tanks
  • Collection of wash residues
  • Information boards and marking of areas to be protected
  • Anti-pollution kits


As a strategic position, purchasing has a key role to play in the ethical ambitions of a responsible organisation. In 2021, VALOREM structured its Responsible Purchasing to mobilise all its suppliers, subcontractors, partners, stakeholders and employees involved throughout the purchasing process.


Structuring a Responsible Purchasing approach

The company has drafted its Responsible Purchasing policy, defined its objectives and associated indicators and is currently planning its roadmap for the next 3 years. An ambitious action plan will be based on ISO 20400:2017 (Responsible Purchasing – Guidelines) and the Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing label. One of the key steps of this programme is to map and highlight the risks and challenges of our purchasing activities, as well as the key players in our value chain, in an endeavour to improve oversight.

Find out more about our Responsible Purchasing policy

Meet Kelly WIRTH, International Buyer



A growing and vibrant company

Employee well-being and development are priorities for the company. The rapid growth of the workforce in recent years requires greater attention to managerial practices, teambuilding and sharing a common culture. This is of prime importance and is at the root of our human resources policy.

Benefits for employees

Management and our social partners have entered into numerous collective agreements to help improve the quality of life for employees. In 2019 and 2020, VALOREM created some holding companies in which employees will be able to have a 3% equity shareholder. It is a significant vehicle designed to encourage a sense of ownership and align everyone’s objectives. The same applies to the incentive agreement which is aligned with CSR criteria.

Strengthening parity at all hierarchical levels and occupational equality between women and men

In 2016, VALOREM signed an agreement with its social partners on gender equality. In 2023, VALOREM hopes to renegotiate this agreement to go even further.

Monitoring and improving employee satisfaction

Since 2010, VALOREM has organised a biennial survey for its employees, by the OBEA/Inergie consulting firm, in order to gather their opinions and experiences. This work, followed by an action plan, is then presented to all employees in seminars and published in our external communications.

3% of the capital stock held by the employees
3.55% of the total payroll devoted to vocational training for employees (+28% compared to 2020)
96% of employees are proud to be a part of VALOREM