VALOREM Energies Finland Ltd and Kärkölä municipality sign a land lease agreement for a solar power plant

VALOREM Energies Finland is planning a solar power plant with a total capacity of about 60 MW and an area of 80-95 hectares in Kärkölä, on the site of the former wastewater treatment plant and surrounding areas. The municipality owns 29 hectares in the project planning area and the rest of the solar park is planned on land owned by private landowners. The planned annual output of the park is just over 40 GWh, equivalent to the annual consumption of around 2,000 electrically heated private houses.

Negotiations with private landowners are well underway and it is expected that during 2024 the project area and the need for an EIA will be secured from the ELY Centre. These will be followed by ground investigations of the site and nature surveys to enable planning and permitting to commence in 2025. VALOREM will also organize an information event for interested local residents towards the end of 2024.

The municipality of Kärkölä feels that emission-free energy production is important in its own municipality and such climate projects will enable our country’s journey towards a carbon-neutral future. Such projects, when implemented, are important, also for the local economy.

This is an important project for us as a renewable energy producer in Finland and we are happy to be in Kärkölä to develop solar power. Our goal is to soon also become a solar power producer and the project is located in southern Finland, close to the electricity consumption and where solar radiation values are good
Minna Jukola Country Manager of VALOREM Energies Finland Oy

About Kärkölä

Kärkölä is a vibrant municipality of 4100 inhabitants in Päijät-Häme. Kärkölä’s vision is to be a vibrant and independent Kärkölä – our top village. Our municipal basic services are in good condition and the new wooden school and sports hall support the well-being of both children and young people.


VALOREM is a renewable energy operator active in the European market in Finland, France, Sweden, Poland and Greece. Founded in 1994, VALOREM has been a pioneer in the wind energy sector and is now also active in solar, hydropower, electricity storage and hydrogen production. VALOREM can manage the entire life cycle of renewable energy projects, from project development and construction to operation and decommissioning. VALOREM’s objective is to own and generate electricity from completed solar power plants and to be responsible for their operation throughout the lifetime of the project. The Finnish subsidiary VALOREM Energies Finland Oy has been operational since 2020 and currently employs around 15 people in its Finnish office. In total, VALOREM has around 450 employees. VALOREM Finland has a project development portfolio of about 1.5GW, of which solar power is about 600MW. The 313 MW Viiatti wind power project under construction will generate 1 TWh of electricity, or about 1.2% of Finland’s annual electricity consumption.

Press contact

Kärkölkä Municipality
Matti Skyttä – Development Manager – 044 770 2025

VALOREM Energies Finland Oy
Tommy Öhman – Project Manager – 043 824 5114
Jere Kujanpää – Project Manager – 040 626 7607