Call for tenders from the Commission de Régulation de l’Energoe (CRE): 5 new projects for VALOREM !

The results of the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE) calls for tenders for wind energy 2.6 and ground-mounted PV 5.5 have been published, and the VALOREM group has won 3 wind energy projects and 2 ground-mounted PV projects with a combined capacity of 50.3 MW.

5 projects driving the energy transition

The 5 winning projects stand out for their size and location – from the Marne to the Puy de Dôme, via the Indre, the Vienne and the Dordogne, they will each be playing their part in the energy transition in their region. These five projects will be able to move ahead with their development, bank financing and construction this year or next. Once built, they will generate a total of more than 144.5 GWh/year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 34,657 homes each year.

– The future La Barbarade solar power plant (3 MWp) in the Puy de Dôme region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will be an extension of the Billom photovoltaic plant developed and operated by the VALOREM group. This former storage site for inert waste from the rubber industry will be equipped with trackers. The project will include a social dimension: 7% of the total working hours required for the construction of the park will be reserved for people who are far from employment.
Les Fontanelles Agrivoltaic Project, 5 MWp, Dordogne, New Aquitaine. This project was set up at the request of a local horse breeder. The horse farmer will rent part of his land to install the photovoltaic farm, which will also house a sheep farm and honey production with beehives under the panels!
These two projects will be the subject of participatory funding campaigns to enable local residents to get involved in the energy transition.

– Lavausseau wind farm project, 18 MW, 5 turbines, Vienne, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Project developed by VALOREM as part of a larger project involving another 5 turbines in the same commune, currently under construction.
– Courdemanges wind farm project, 13.5 MW, 3 turbines, Marne, Eastern France
The project has been free of all appeals since January 2024. This year’s connection work will determine the construction schedule.
– Diou wind farm project, 10.8 MW, 3 turbines, Indre, Centre Val de Loire
This project, developed by VALOREM, is located close to another wind farm built and operated by VALOREM, comprising 9 turbines, in the same commune and in REUILLY.

With the completion of these 5 new green energy projects, VALOREM intends to continue its commitment to local communities, involving citizens via crowfunding, integrating people who are far from employment on its photovoltaic sites, and partnering with regional companies.


As a French independent operator in green energy, the VALOREM Group manages the entire process of renewable energy valorization, from development to operation-maintenance, including project management assistance, construction, or auditing services. A pioneer in wind energy in France with over 460 employees, VALOREM is also present in the French West Indies, Finland, Greece, and Poland. The group has financed over 837 MW and has a portfolio of 5.7 GW of projects in development.