Storage and green hydrogen at the heart of host localities

Electricity storage is a key factor in ensuring an electricity mix transition that integrates more renewable energy resources.

H2 project development with VALOREM

VALOREM develops projects for producing green hydrogen and renewable electricity in the host localities and provides its expertise in implementing local hydrogen ecosystem projects. In aligning these projects to the objectives and specificities of the host localities, VALOREM encourages co-construction with manufacturers and communities to support local ecological transition. VALOREM is involved at all stages of the green hydrogen value chain: from the feasibility study to construction and operation-maintenance, including project financing.

Global project vision and management

VALOREM manages every step of the project:

Identifying resources and requirements;

Creating scenarios and finding solutions;

Setting up projects;

Constructing infrastructure;

Monitoring operations and maintaining ecosystems.

And every link in the hydrogen value chain

Providing renewable electricity

VALOREM owns, operates and builds renewable power plants: wind, solar and hydro; and offers renewable electricity supply solutions for producing green hydrogen.

Hydrogen production

VALOREM builds and adapts each of its renewable hydrogen installations to meet the host locality’s requirements.

Developing the ecosystem

Strengthened by its relationships with stakeholders in the sector, VALOREM supports all its partners throughout the hydrogen value chain.

A comprehensive, local and 100% renewable ecosystem

100% renewable electricity sourcing

• Firm commitment by VALOREM

• Connection secured by a PPA: secured price and sourcing

• RE production site: local priority

Need for ecosystem development in order to multiply the uses and the opinions on hydrogen in the host locality

Developing the local economy

• Hydrogen produced locally

• Calls to local businesses: construction, uses, operation, etc.

• Support for skills development

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