Offshore energy

As part of the energy transition law adopted in 2015, the French State has set itself the goal of reaching 40% of renewable electricity by 2030. This, of course, involves developing the offshore wind industry. The aim is to achieve an installed and floating offshore wind capacity of 2.4 GW in 2023 and about 5 GW in 2028.

Since 2014, VALOREM has positioned itself in this context and affirms its vision:

  • Offshore wind is a source of growth for innovation, industry and the decarbonisation of global power generation.
  • Offshore wind will help revitalise the French industry.

…and its ambitions:

  • To contribute to the emergence of offshore wind power in France and to its global development.
  • To become an offshore wind energy stakeholder.

Proven expertise

VALOREM has been active in offshore wind since 2014, notably through its design offices and its O&M VALEMO subsidiary. The Group has gradually developed reliable standards in various fields and technologies including:

  • ANCHORED WIND TURBINES: Quality inspections, commissioning and maintenance of the 80 wind turbines on the St Nazaire offshore wind farm (Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm for GE RENEWABLES).
  • FLOATING WIND TURBINES: Commissioning, maintenance and engineering Support/OPEX business plan/WTG selection for floating demonstrators/assembly demonstrator, installation, commissioning and maintenance (IDEOL on Floatgen/EOLINK).
  • SUBSTATIONS: Preventive and corrective maintenance on all of the electrical substation equipment (Saint-Brieuc wind farm for AILES MARINES/IBERDROLA).
  • FLOATING LiDAR: Commissioning and maintenance, 24/7/365 monitoring, Metocean Analysis, type 2 Carbon Trust Certification, participation in R&D projects for optimising measurement at sea (AKROCEAN).
  • MEASURING MAST: Mast instrumentation, commissioning and maintenance (Fécamps wind farm for EDF RENEWABLES).
  • TIDAL STREAM TURBINES: Study of potential tidal stream turbines in the Garonne (SEENEOH for the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux).
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: Environmental study monitoring, permitting and interfaces with government agencies (HALIADE X-12MW, Cherbourg, for GENERAL ELECTRIC)

Meet Nicolas HARDOUIN, Offshore Service Technician VALEMO


The company’s offshore ambitions

With these numerous standards in offshore services, and its experience in developing land, VALOREM announced its development ambitions for offshore wind in October 2022 by participating in a small but significant way in consortia for floating or anchored offshore tenders, in France as well as Europe.

At the end of November 2022, VALOREM announced its 17% equity participation in the Brest company EOLINK, which is developing a floating pyramid wind turbine. VALOREM is also supporting EOLINK in the FRANCE ATLANTIQUE pilot project, which aims to install its 5 MW demonstrator at the SEM-REV offshore test site, operated by Centrale Nantes. The France Atlantique project has also received support from ADEME under the France 2030 Programme, to the tune of EUR 14.9 million.

As part of this project, VALEMO is in charge of prototype engineering from the phase consisting of assembling the turbine on its float to validation of its performance level, operation and maintenance. As for the installation, it will be undertaken by VALREA.


In 2023, VALOREM also became a founding member of the Open-C Foundation, which will be responsible for all the French test sites dedicated to renewable marine energy and offshore wind energy. These are currently managed by different operators. The Foundation, which is a public-private partnership, will bring together and coordinate resources and leverage the necessary funding for developing new equipment.

Multi-energy skills

VALOREM develops multi-energy projects