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# 30 yaers of energy for action

Since 1994 we have been working hard every day towards a 100% renewable world!

The VALOREM group is a vertically integrated, independent green energy operator with multiple skills in the renewable energy sector. As a pioneer of wind energy in France, VALOREM also develops and builds solar farms and small hydropower plants. VALOREM has a presence in France, Finland, Greece, Poland and Colombia.

265,000 homes powered by green energy
423,000 tonnes of CO2 prevented as a result of VALOREM RE parks
772 MW VALOREM properties
5.7 GW in development, all activities combined
1.2 TWh green electricity produced in 2023


24 May 2024VALOREM Energies Finland Ltd and Kärkölä municipality sign a land lease agreement for a solar power plantEn savoir plus
09 April 2024VALOREM joins the first 100 companies in France to be awarded the Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing (RSRP) labelEn savoir plus
26 March 2024Call for tenders from the Commission de Régulation de l’Energoe (CRE): 5 new projects for VALOREM !En savoir plus
26 March 2024VALOREM and ‘Les Mousquetaires’ signs two Long-Term PPAs, cementing their partnership to accelerate the Energy TransitionEn savoir plus
26 March 2024VALOREM enters the Swedish marketEn savoir plus

Proficient in multiple energy types

An integrated approach and know-how every step of the way

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A company that is committed to listening to people’s views

Discover and take part in the projects that affect you

Through VALOREM’S My Park platform, in partnership with Lendosphère, members of the community can find out about and become involved in the VALOREM project that affects them. Just invest in one of the operations, then monitor its progress.

Watt For Change

Founded by VALOREM, an independent energy company and campaigner, Watt For Change is an endowment fund and foundation that acts to propose community and decentralised energy projects, guaranteeing access to energy for all at a fair price.


Since 2016, Watt for Change operates on a daily basis to: Improve living conditions and contribute to economic and social development in France and around the world with renewable energies (REn) and/or energy efficiency

Provide training and awareness of REn and responsible energy consumption

Find out more about Watt For Change

VALOREM, a mission, commitments, style, skills

VALOREM was founded in 1994 based on the strong belief that it was necessary to develop renewable energies in order to stop using fossil fuels as quickly as possible and build a more environmentally sustainable world. In just 30 years, the small research department has grown, deploying its skills to become a multi-renewable energy group, with an international presence and approximately 400 employees. However, VALOREM has managed to keep its strong beliefs and ambition for a sustainable and inclusive energy transition intact. In 2021, The VALOREM Group became a mission-led company, thereby confiming its commitments and enhancing its objectives.
Jean-Yves Grandidier President-founder of VALOREM

Truly iconic projects focused on innovation

Lumière sur SAINTE-ROSE hybrid wind farm

The Sainte-Rose hybrid wind farm meets the specific needs of the Guadeloupe electrical system. The island operates on an ‘isolated’ grid where the balance between production and consumption must be maintained at all times – a real challenge for a network that is not interconnected. To integrate wind energy without disrupting the grid, the producer undertakes to provide the network manager every day with the production profile for the next day, then to adhere to it on that day, relying on innovative technologies to forecast production, storage and energy management.

Philippe ETUR Deputy Managing Director and Head of Innovation
Guadeloupe (971) Commissioned in 2020
8 wind turbines
33 GWh of electricity per year

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98% of employees are proud to work for the Group

By sharing a common mission to support areas by implementing a socially responsible energy transition and through community involvement, our employees are  at one with the Group’s values.

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199 millions in turnover 2022
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15 locations in France & abroad